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EcstaticH.Art Services


simply m e l ting.. a...w.. a.... y

Massage therapist performing the Thai Cobra stretch on client.

Eastern / Swedish

Versatile, creative, nourishing flow, integrating ancient healing arts

Massage practitioner performing deep tissue massage on client.

Deep Tissue

Focused, attuned, nurturing stillness, deep holistic listening

Client deeply relaxing with warm hot stones running along her back.

Hot Stone

Unwinding, rejuvenating, illuminating peace, ultimate stress relieving

Massage practitioner consulting with potential client via video conferencing.


Exploring, engaging, connecting Presence, full of benevolent possibilities


About Us

We are massage therapists who are passionate and in awe of the complex mysteries of our powerful human body. We particularly enjoy the versatility, creativity, and meditative subtlety required of therapeutic bodywork. Therapeutic bodywork is as much of a healing therapy as it is an art (movement art).


It truly is a great honor and joy to be able to practice bodywork—something that has been passed down to us generation after generation for thousands of years, from all over the world! Of course, helping our clients reach their goals and, in the process, becoming more embodied always put a smile on our face 🙂


At Ecstatic Healing Art, each therapist only sees up to 3 clients per day. That’s right! Unlike many places where therapists regularly see 5-8 clients/day, our therapists only see up to 3 clients/day. Therefore, you can expect the highest level of care, attentiveness, and undivided Presence during our work together.


And say goodbye to time-consuming round trip commutes and annoying traffic. Instead, why not let your therapist do all the work and heavy lifting? Save on stress, frustration, and valuable time fighting traffic trying to get to your massage appointment on time. With Ecstatic Healing Art, all you have to do is get ready to be pampered! And after your massage, continue to enjoy your post-massage bliss! No more having to navigate the hustle and bustle of traffic right after your appointment means you can unwind further—meditate, read a book, take a bath, take a nap, listen to a podcast while gardening, etc.


You are in good hands! All of our highly trained massage therapists have undergone at least 500 hours of comprehensive massage training at a state certified school. Whether client or therapist, we are all on the same lifelong journey of befriending and loving our precious, precious, precious body.

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Poetry about the beauty and benefits of therapeutic massage.