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Why choose between Eastern or Western modalities when you can combine the best of both worlds into one POWERHOUSE session? Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, and energywork all integrate seamlessly into one seriously powerful and productive session. Compression, effleurage, joint mobility, stretching, rocking, petrissage are all names of the game.


Note: Please wear clothing that you can comfortably move in. And while both Eastern and Western modalities may either be performed on the table or floor, more options are available with floorwork.

Deep Tissue

Looking for a focused bodywork session to address specific pain, structural tension or imbalance?


If yes, you’re in luck! Oftentimes, the ROOT cause of pain is not actually where we perceive the pain to be.


This is the opportunity to explore the intricate interconnectedness of our amazing human body in a methodical and holistic manner to help you feel more liberated, embodied and balanced!

Hot Stone

Harness the benefits of soothing massage combined with the healing power of hot stones. Heat can penetrate deeply into our tissues and effectively relieve tension, deepen relaxation, improve circulation, increase flexibility, just to name a few.


It’s no wonder this ancient healing modality has been practiced by civilizations all over the world for thousands of years!  


Note: Aromatherapy, through the use of essential oils, may also be applied to help you unwind and relax even deeper.


Get a head start on your first bodywork session by booking this 10-15 minute Complimentary Consultation at NO CHARGE!


We will discuss your goals, what you can expect, and address any burning questions you may have. Let’s connect and lay the foundation for our future work together!


Note: If you were referred to us by someone and we haven’t spoken before, please schedule a Consultation before booking your first bodywork session (no exceptions).

Ecstatic Lymphatic Movement

Although many of us are familiar with our body’s blood circulatory system, not many of us are as familiar with our lymphatic system. Turns out, our lymphatic system serves highly essential functions and works closely with our blood circulatory system to maintain the balance of fluids and fight off pathogens.


However, unlike the blood circulatory system, there is no motor like the heart to power the lymphatic system. Rather, lymph relies on the movement and contraction of our muscles to power its flow. And what better way to help lymph flow than to move and dance!


No dance experience necessary. Just be prepared to curiously explore, move (within your own comfort level), and have fun! Abandon your self-judgments and allow yourself to spontaneously create, invent, improvise new ways of flowing through space & time! You are welcome to bring your own music to move-n-groove to!



In our increasingly fast-paced modern world of constant endless distractions, it becomes even more imperative to practice essential self-care. To make matters worse, we’re often reinforced by our societal culture and peers to pursue achievements and accomplishments even at the cost of our own health!


Proactively and consistently caring for our body not only prevents burnouts, promotes greater well-being, increases energy, but also helps us build resilience in the face of life’s hardships and challenges.


Before we can truly take care of anyone else, we must take good care of ourselves first and foremost!

Canine Massage

Coming soon!

To Be Announced

Coming soon!

EcstaticHealingArt Features

Joyful Exuberance, Authentic Expression & Embodiment

The therapeutic healing power of dance and music has captured the Spirit of humanity for eons. At the heart of all festive celebrations, across all civilizations throughout time, is composed of 3 things: good food, good music, and good dance. 


Since we are not exactly operating a Michelin star restaurant (or at least not yet), food is not an option on our service menu…..


However, we do have good music and good dance! Experience timeless Freedom through authentic self-embodied expression. Let quantum Life Force energy flow through you and feel the unbridled JOY and EXCITEMENT of simply BEING ALIVE! 

Dancer moving ecstatically and emanating good vibes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecstatic Healing Art is a form of therapy that combines bodywork massage with movement (dancing, breathwork, stretching). Karaoke singing is optional 🙂


The name Ecstatic Healing Art was inspired by a freestyle, freeform dance called Ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance encourages dancers to listen intuitively to their bodies and authentically release themselves to the spontaneous flow of the moment (with or without music). NO steps to follow and NO wrong way to dance (safety first, obviously)! Many have described Ecstatic dance as a form of stress-relieving meditative trance and worship. 


Props (ribbons, hoops, etc) and other forms of structured dance (ballroom dance, choreography, etc) may also be included. The sky’s the limit! Creativity, joy, and fun are all names of the game. The goal? Release whatever needs to be released so we can fully come back home to inhabit our precious Temple body. 

Every massage session begins with an initial health intake. Right after, we begin with a short freestyle, freeform movement warm-up to get our lymph flowing, release stressful tensions, and prime our bodies for the bodywork session ahead. Breathwork, light stretching, short meditation, prayer, affirmations, planting seeds of positive intentions are also highly encouraged. Whatever your mood, please feel free to bring your favorite music to move and groove to! You like rocking and jiving to heavy metal? No problem!


Both bodywork massage and movement share many of the same benefits such as: 

Improved balance, increased Life Force energy, increased flexibility, increased physical/mental/emotional/spiritual well-being, improved immune function, just to name a few! 

At Ecstatic Healing Art, each therapist only sees up to 3 clients per day. That’s right! Unlike many places where therapists regularly see 5-8 clients/day, our therapists only see up to 3 clients/day. Therefore, you can expect the highest level of care, attentiveness, and undivided Presence during our work together.


In addition, save the time and stress of not having to make round trip commutes and dealing with the hassle of traffic. With Ecstatic Healing Art, all you have to do is get ready to be pampered! And after your massage, continue to enjoy your post-massage bliss! No more having to navigate the hustle and bustle of traffic right after your massage session ends means you can unwind further—meditate, read a book, take a bath, take a nap, etc.


We also offer a wide range of Eastern and Western healing modalities that you can choose from to tailor to your individual preferences and needs. We are always looking to expand our service offerings to better accommodate and serve our clients, whether humans or canines!

Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or other heavily scented products during our session together. Keep it No or Low scent, please. Thank you!

Clients are encouraged to undress to their level of comfort (underclothing/undergarment ​is always kept on). During the bodywork session, clients will always be properly and securely draped with sheets and only the area being worked on will be exposed.


Your privacy and modesty is our top priority and always respected. Our therapists are trained to ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your session. Some modalities like Shiatsu, Thai, or energywork can be completely done over clothing (no draping necessary); so please wear clothing that you can comfortably move in.

Please ensure you have sufficient space available (minimum 8 feet x 8 feet) in your home to accommodate the setup of massage tools and equipments.


We also highly encourage you to turn your space into your own personal Healing Sanctuary. Let your creative imagination run wild and decorate your space with meaningful objects, art inspirations, beautiful lighting, or even create your own special altar!


This is YOUR session, YOUR time, YOUR space—so make the most out of it. Create an outer sanctuary WORTHY of your inner sanctuary! As with everything, you get out what you put in.

Tipping for our service is completely voluntary. If you enjoyed and found our service beneficial, tipping is greatly appreciated! In terms of how much to tip, 10% – 25% is considered very generous. Thank you!

Appointments canceled within 24 hours are subject to a $50 Cancellation fee. No Shows are subject to a No Show fee ($50 plus the applicable Travel Convenience fee).


New clients are happily seen via REFERRALS ONLY. Please submit your client referrals to to see if we are a potentially good match. All clients must be approved prior to scheduling their first bodywork appointment (no exceptions) through our 15 minute Initial Consultation (no charge)!


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